Summer Fun Guide

It’s the sixth annual Summer Fun Guide for the Twin Cities! It’s definitely one of my favorite projects to help work on every year! Our annual guide I think is something families get REALLY excited about receiving! It’s jam packed with camps for kids and family friendly ideas for weekends, day trips and outings. In Minnesota we live for summer. We have such a long winter and summer is such a short amount of time we fill it with family adventures and fun, and soak up the sun as much as we can.

As a kid in I remember looking forward to summer and counting down the days until school was over, it was the best time of the year other than Christmas. There was my grandma’s cabin where we’d go fishing, paddle boating, we’d jump off the dock into the inner tube and run around barefoot and carefree.  Summers were all about the outdoors. I loved going camping where we’d hike and explore all the different State parks, this was back in the late 80’s and early nineties, when camping was really popular! Summers as a kid also remind me of going to camp every year. Oh, summer camp! The camp I went to as a child was on one of the clearest lake’s in Minnesota called Green Lake. I loved camp and everything it entailed. Going swimming, crafts, songs, team building and the best part making new new friends. I remember a lot of years crying the entire way home cause I didn’t want to leave my friends.

Those weeks at camp, at my grandma’s cabin and going camping shaped who I am. I can’t wait to create memorable moments now with my own son! If you’re like me even though I’m not a kid… I still count down the days until summer!

If you haven’t already started planning… Dive into our Summer Fun Guide and plan your summer out! Happy planning and memory making!

Written By: Natalie Anderson | Creative Director