Safe Fun in the Water

Kids laughing, playing and swimming in the water. Parents relaxing nearby in the sun, confident the children are safe…there’s nothing better. Knowing your child has great swimming skills will help ease the mind but don’t assume that they will be out of harm’s way.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe this summer while playing in or near the water.

• Start swim lessons at an early age to take the fear away and let the fun begin! Most swimming centers offer classes weekly for ages 6 months and up. Lessons will help acclimate your child to the water and overcome any fears.

• Stay close, be alert and never leave a child unattended near water. Keep your mobile devices at home and join your kiddos in the water. Remember that a lifeguard isn’t always on duty or only watching your child and flotation devices aren’t a babysitter.

• For new swimmers, spend time poolside watching others before getting in. Getting familiar with your surroundings is always safe. Let them get comfortable and get into the water at their own will and time.

• Assign an adult to watch children during summer parties at or near pools. Parents can take turns watching the kids swim or see about hiring a private lifeguard. Children should always be supervised by an adult when near a body of water.

• Always swim with a buddy. It’s best for swimmers of all ages, even adults. If something were to happen while out
in the water, having a buddy with you can save your life.

Swimming is a great way to have fun, stay in shape and cool down during those hot summer months. By doing these best practices, you can have a
safe and relaxing summer!

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