Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide

Many parents have heard the scary-but-true statistic that children who do not read over summer break can lose up to two months of reading achievement. According to Reading Rockets’ review of 13 empirical studies on summer reading loss, over time, this can create a compounded achievement gap of 1.5 years before a child has even reached middle school.
The good news: it’s not hard to curb summer reading loss.

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Safe Fun in the Water

Kids laughing, playing and swimming in the water. Parents relaxing nearby in the sun, confident the children are safe…there’s nothing better. Knowing your child has great swimming skills will help ease the mind but don’t assume that they will be out of harm’s way.
Here are some tips to keep your kids safe this summer while playing in or near the water.

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Recipes Around the Campfire

Whether it’s s’mores, popcorn, hot dogs, or corn on the cob, the campfire has no limits. Grab your ingredients and your must-haves; aluminum foil, roasting sticks and start timing!
Cut a banana in half lengthwise (so you have two half-moons), sprinkle shaved milk chocolate over the banana. Wrap in tin foil and place on the fire/coals.

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Just Add Water!

Whether it’s the beach or the pool we got your packing list!

Bring colored towels to tell which chairs are yours in the sea of people
Bring Zip Locks for wet bathing suits
Bring an air pump for tubes and floaties
Designate an hourly meeting place so you can have peace of mind
Bring change for lockers and concessions
Put your phone in a water protective bag while at the park
Use Baby Powder to remove sand off of unwanted areas
Bring an extra towel for the car seat or seat of the car
Bring a fi

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Decor for the Win

Trying to bring the Décor trends from 2019 into the party you’ll want to check out some of these trends
Then and Now Centerpieces
(a pic from then and a pic from now) Incorporate the two so guests have something to talk about while mingling with others. These photos are great conversation starters.

Order a school-specific Cornhole or Jenga game.

Globe guest book
Have guests sign a Globe for where they will be and the grad can take it along on their travels.

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Summer Must-Haves

Karyn from St. Louis Park, mom of Lulu, 6, gives us a peek at her…
Favorite Essentials!
I love having what I need and then some at my fingertips!
Skinny Dipped Almonds
These are a great snack while out and about, especially when I notice the hangry face ready to appear. Nuts and chocolate, what could be better?
Jade Facial Roller
I keep one in my bag and have one at home. Roll that tension away while at the beach or water park. Keep it with an ice pack for a quick refresh.

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How (and when) to Host an Effortless Grad Party

Ideas they will Actually Love
Trying to figure out what time of day to host your graduation party is no easy task. Does your graduate have a favorite type of food, are they a morning person or night person, better yet, what are you? Let’s be honest, the party may be about your graduate, but you are the one that is hosting and it’s important to make it easy and fun for yourself.
Let’s say you opt for a graduation brunch.

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Land of 10,000 Adventures

Does the length of the drive determine how adventurous you are? Are you a one-hour drive from the Twin Cities? Two-hour? Please don’t tell me you are a three-hour drive adventurer! Whatever level of adventure you have in mind, there is a place for you to visit in the good ol’ state of Minnesota. The land of 10,000 lakes.

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Home Alone (and I don’t mean the movie)

Here we go! The vision of what life should be for me included kids laughing (mostly), dinner altogether, cooking, activities, driving carpool, going to dance recitals, band concerts, reading and rereading papers and of course those weekly spelling words (those actually made me nuts). This vision was my (our) reality for the last 18 years.
So, the next question is not only a question, but a chapter; a chapter that has some blank pages with questions that only I can answer.

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July 4th at 10pm–National Sports Center.
July 4th at 10pm–Lake Ann Park.
July 4th at 10pm–Bayfront Festival Park.
July 4th at 10:30pm–Central Park.
July 4th at 10pm–Central Park.
July 4th at dusk–Rosland Park.
July 4th at dusk–Commons Park.
July 14th at dusk–West Arbor Lake.
July 4th at 10pm–Downtown Mpls Riverfront.
MINNEAPOLIS, Aquatennial
July 21st at 10pm–Downtown Mpls Riverfront.

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