About Us

The Fun2Raise Mission

My mission in founding Fun2Raise is to help schools raise money without burdening the families with the task. Our time together as young families goes by so quickly, and door-to-door sales is NOT what we want to be doing with that time! And as an avid volunteer myself, I’ve seen the toll event organization can take on the families of its volunteers. That’s why Fun2Raise was born — to let the kids be kids, the parents be parents, andthe professionals raise the funds!
I’m so proud to be spending my time in such a rewarding effort — raising money for education AND giving families the gift of time. I hope to share this gift with many schools throughout Minnesota and beyond.

Jodi Rankin — President and Founder

With Fun2Raise, we do the work — you deposit the check. Our projects ADD to your bottom line, SUBTRACT from your workload, and MULTIPLY your rewards!

Our “To Do – For You” List

1) School and organization calendars, newsletters and more — Advertiser funded profits for you!
2) Sports sponsorships — Direct connections to the businesses that WANT to support your organization.
3) School events — A million “mom” hours OR a phone call to us an easy choice!
4) Marketing and fundraising consultation — An expert team of professional marketing, financial and creative professionals to provide complete coordination of your project.
5) Present profits to YOU!

Your “To Do” List

1) Deposit check
2) Enjoy the proceeds!